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It is common for plaster mouldings to sometimes need a little attention, whether that’s simply a lick of paint as part of a room redecoration, or repair and replacement in order to address issues that originate elsewhere in the building – plaster is susceptible to moisture ingress for example. We receive many enquiries for cornice repair and ceilings that are cracked or sagging.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer damage to your plaster mouldings, it’s always worth seeking expert advice. Plaster is vulnerable to age, vibration and moisture. Damage or a water leak can cause plaster cornice to crack or fall down. If this happens to you, there can be several options to explore.

In order to check the condition of your cornice or decorative mouldings it may be necessary to apply a process referred to as “peel away”. This essentially removes all layers of paint to reveal the plaster enrichments underneath. Peel away can be used to establish if cornice repair will be possible or if sections of cornice would be better replaced in full. If the cornice is more seriously damaged i.e. cracked or affected by moisture, then replacement is the most likely outcome.

Replacement with a new cornice moulding manufactured from fibrous plaster using traditional techniques offers the chance to change the look of a room but retain the period-correct materials and style in keeping with the rest of the building. But if originality is key another option is a match-to-existing repair, whereby an impression of the pre-existing moulding is taken and used to create and manufacture replacement cornice of the same design. This method is more labour intensive but can minimise the need for complete room redecoration. Note that any changes to preserved or listed buildings should be checked with your local conservation officer before any work commences.

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Cornice repairs London

Our regular catchment area for assisting customers spans Surrey, Sussex and Kent. For cornice repairs in London we also visit and deliver to the south London boroughs such as Bromley, Greenwich,  Lambeth, Merton, Southwark, and Wandsworth.

London contains vast arrays of buildings constructed through the ages, many of which are listed or protected. Conscientious owners will conserve and retain the original materials and characteristics of these buildings, and this requires the assistance of specialists, such as Plasterite, to help with repairs and maintenance. More information on the services we offer to residents of the capital city can be found on the plaster mouldings London page. It extends beyond repairs and includes replication, restoration and origination of decorative plaster mouldings.

How we work

When you contact us for cornice repairs, you will be dealing directly with knowledgeable and helpful people who have decades of experience in manufacturing, fitting and fixing plaster mouldings. Plasterite has a huge archive of moulds (see our Product Brochures) and the specialist skills to conserve, restore and re-create ornamental plaster mouldings. We always welcome the opportunity to restore or improve a treasured building. Please endeavour to share room measurements, ceiling height, any photographs and the reason for your cornice repairs with us so we can accurately handle your enquiry. 

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