Cornice repair

image of fibrous plaster cornice manufacturing

It is common for plaster mouldings to sometimes need a little attention, whether that’s simply a lick of paint as part of a room redecoration, or repair and replacement in order to address issues that originate elsewhere in the building – plaster is susceptible to moisture ingress for example. We receive many enquiries for cornice […]

Cast stone garden portico

image of cast stone garden portico

This decorative portico makes an impressive addition to the garden of a London home. To produce this large cast stone garden ornament, we worked in partnership with Aztec Modelmakers. Plasterite was responsible for producing all models, moulds and final casts as well as assisting with installing the portico on site in Grosvenor Square. Each section […]

26 Wilton Place London plaster mouldings

26 wilton place london living room

Several years ago Plasterite was appointed to complete an amazing project in London by the owner of Admirals Place in Gibraltar. The project utilised the same Georgian style plaster mouldings and encompassed ornamental ceilings, wall mouldings and enrichments throughout this luxury Grade II listed Knightsbridge residency. Images and details of the project can be found […]

Corinthian capital plaster mouldings

image of corinthian capital mouldings

A capital forms the topmost part of a column or pilaster. The word “Corinthian” describes an ornate column style developed in ancient Greece and classified as one of the Classical Orders of Architecture.  We recently completed these bespoke Corinthian capital plaster mouldings and columns as a supply-only commission for a residential project in north London. […]

Plaster cast urn lids

image of moulded urn lids

We have just completed a custom commission for a storied London hall which required us to model and cast several ornamental plaster lids for urns on display. Our craftsmen were required to model the lid, which has a diameter of approximately 400mm, in order to create a mould. Once the client had approved the model […]

Door pediment plaster mouldings

image of door pediment in plaster

Following on from our recent Jesmonite AC730 door frame moulding we have also been working on another project for a client in the Guildford area in Surrey. The requirements include the creation of these bespoke replica Georgian period overdoor pediment plaster mouldings to decorate some internal doorways within a 19th century mansion house. The pediment […]

Jesmonite AC730 door frame moulding

image of decorative front door moulding

We recently completed an external mouldings project for a local client in Kent where we were asked to recreate a missing cap to a very ornate entrance door frame moulding. The two pictures below show the before (left) and after (right).  The casting was created using Jesmonite AC730 – a rapid setting acrylic modified cementitious […]

Plaster moulding delivery in Kent

image of plasterite van

We’ve just taken delivery of a shiny new van, so if you are out and about and spot it then give us a wave! The chances are it will be delivering freshly made plaster mouldings to a customer, or en route to a property in need of plaster restoration or installation services.  Our experienced staff […]

Modelling an Ionic pilaster capital

image showing Ionic pilaster capital model

We are often asked to create bespoke plaster mouldings either as one-off enrichments to meet a customer’s design requirements or as part of a restoration project to recreate damaged plaster mouldings or re-cast to match existing decor.  Our workshop recently started creating the piece shown in the images below – an Ionic pilaster capital. The […]

Interior pilasters

image of plaster moulded pilasters

As part of an interior design project to decorate a new-build house located in South London, we recently manufactured a series of plain shafted diminished pilasters. Pilasters are ornamental columns used to give the appearance of a structure-supporting column. There are many different styles of pilaster, for example, some with fluted column shafts and other plain. Shown […]