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Heritage Plastering: Preserving the Integrity of Historic Buildings

image of lime render applied to ightham mote in kent

Historic buildings are not merely structures, but repositories of stories from the past, embodying the heritage and culture of a bygone era. From their architectural details to their decorative elements, these buildings serve as tangible links to our history. One such element that is often overlooked yet plays a crucial role in preserving the authentic […]

Cast stone exterior mouldings for Kent property

image of residential house cast stone mouldings in kent

These images show a recent property development project we won in the Tunbridge Wells area of Kent. It required us to manufacture and install various exterior mouldings to match existing items already fitted elsewhere. The first picture shows a new two storey extension built onto the property shown in the second picture on the right. […]

Enlarged Ornate Acanthus Leaf Ceiling Rose

image of two acanthus leaf ceiling roses

What do you do when you find the perfect ceiling rose but need it in a bigger size? In the case of this, our CC35 model, we upscale it by 35% at the specific request of a private client. The original diameter of this Ornate Acanthus Leaf Ceiling Rose is 740mm. Here it has been […]

Victorian Coving

image of victorian coving

As our name suggests, at Plasterite we specialise in traditional decorative plaster mouldings, and Victorian coving is a popular product that people often enquire about. Plaster coving is a curved concave moulding, usually plain-looking and without much of the decoration associated with plaster cornice mouldings. The term Victorian coving is sometimes mistakenly used to describe […]

Should I overboard a ceiling of lath and plaster?

image of tradesman putting plasterboard over ceiling

If your property has traditional lath and plaster ceilings that are in need of repairs, a common tradesman’s fix is to overboard (cover) them with plasterboard, rather than deal with the original failing plasterwork. Over boarding is a cheap and relatively fast way of repairing an existing ceiling. In some cases it is perfectly acceptable, […]

Antique plaster picture frame repair

image of paintings with gilded frames

One of our less-well advertised services is antique plaster picture frame repair. Plaster picture frames can be valuable and delicate. Should they become damaged, either in transit as part of a move, or knocked whilst on display, we can inspect and repair them. It may be that a painting or mirror has been rediscovered after […]

Cornice repair

image of fibrous plaster cornice manufacturing

It is common for plaster mouldings to sometimes need a little attention, whether that’s simply a lick of paint as part of a room redecoration, or repair and replacement in order to address issues that originate elsewhere in the building – plaster is susceptible to moisture ingress for example. We receive many enquiries for cornice […]

Cast stone garden portico

image of cast stone garden portico

This decorative portico makes an impressive addition to the garden of a London home. To produce this large cast stone garden ornament, we worked in partnership with Aztec Modelmakers. Plasterite was responsible for producing all models, moulds and final casts as well as assisting with installing the portico on site in Grosvenor Square. Each section […]

26 Wilton Place London plaster mouldings

26 wilton place london living room

Several years ago Plasterite was appointed to complete an amazing project in London by the owner of Admirals Place in Gibraltar. The project utilised the same Georgian style plaster mouldings and encompassed ornamental ceilings, wall mouldings and enrichments throughout this luxury Grade II listed Knightsbridge residency. Images and details of the project can be found […]

Corinthian capital plaster mouldings

image of corinthian capital mouldings

A capital forms the topmost part of a column or pilaster. The word “Corinthian” describes an ornate column style developed in ancient Greece and classified as one of the Classical Orders of Architecture.  We recently completed these bespoke Corinthian capital plaster mouldings and columns as a supply-only commission for a residential project in north London. […]