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Bespoke Plaster Mouldings

Decorative plaster is traditionally created in two ways, either in situ or, far more commonly, modelled and moulded off-site and then installed. The latter method is far less messy and gives more consistent and repeatable results. The process for creating bespoke plaster mouldings begins by setting out a model from drawings or a set of instructions. The model is essentially the template for designing a cornice, ceiling rose or other internal plasterwork, for example. A cornice model can be formed using various materials such as wood, plaster and clay; the delicate detail, referred to as enrichments, usually being made in clay, by hand.

Plasterite has several skilled clay modellers that can create ornamental plasterwork from architectural drawings or match existing designs from samples and photographs to restore heritage plasterwork to its former glory.

image of bespoke modelled cushion and overdoor

Plaster design and restoration

If you are looking for bespoke plaster mouldings to be made to your design, our staff have the knowledge and experience to be able to guide you through the process. Plasterite has been in business since 1976 and created hundreds of custom designs over the years.

There are many types of enrichment from which to choose, some of which date back hundreds of years. They are often combined to form central features and perimeter details on one cornice profile or ceiling decoration.

Classic plaster moulding enrichments include:

  • Acanthus Leaf
  • Egg and Dart
  • Dentil Block
  • Bead and Reel
  • Grape and Vine
  • Modillion Block
  • Basket Weave
  • Rope Twist
  • Water Leaf
  • Lambs Tongue
  • Guilloché
  • Husks
  • Swag and Drop
  • French Leaf
  • Fleur de Lis
  • Patrae
image of bespoke plaster mouldings modelling a cornice

It is always worth doing some research to see what’s been done before and to formulate some ideas of the style, period and look you prefer. Most custom plaster mouldings are rarely truly unique. Most draw on elements and inspiration from what has gone before. We have an extensive archive of plaster mouldings in our workshop near Sevenoaks in Kent. We welcome visitors to browse our plaster designs to fully appreciate what can be created and talk through your plans with a member of staff.

Bespoke plaster mouldings will give you precise control over the end product, however it is a time-consuming process and therefore never the cheapest option. If time and budget are a high consideration, then you will be best served searching our Product Brochures for a suitable solution.

Restoration of fibrous plaster mouldings can sometimes require bespoke clay modelling to replicate intricate detail or unusual enrichments, especially if damage has occurred or the detail has been lost under many layers of paint.

image of match existing cornice restoration

Match existing cornice

Sometimes there is a need to manufacture new decorative mouldings to repair or replace the existing. This is typically called “match existing” plasterwork. For example, matching old cornice is usually done by taking what’s called a site squeeze, a section of the existing cornice is coated in rubber taken back to our workshop where it forms the basis of creating a new model. It is a process of historic plaster restoration.

Match existing is a term used to explain plaster moulding restoration work, where new plaster is made to exactly replicate the old it is replacing (prior to any damage!). It is most likely a requirement in significant heritage projects and listed buildings where originality is important. In the images above you can see an example of a damaged section of cornice, followed by a rubber mould and finally a new plaster casting matching the old cornice that went before.

Plaster designs for ceilings

Decorative plaster ceilings are usually created specifically to suit a room and property.

Plasterite has years of experience in creating plaster designs for ceilings. One good example being the extensive plasterwork undertaken at Admirals Place in Gibraltar, a seven-bedroom luxury mansion.

We work with architects, interior designers and principal contactors to deliver their vision in ornamental plaster, ceilings that compliment and enhance the buildings overall appeal. Cornice mouldings to exact dimensions and profiles. Frieze and panel mouldings modelled and installed.

If you would like to explore the process of developing a bespoke plaster moulding or the restoration of a rare or unique cornice, ceiling or decorative moulding please telephone or email us.