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Plaster Ceiling Rose

Plasterite is a manufacturer of plaster ceiling roses and ceiling centres based in Kent. We have been making all kinds of decorative plaster mouldings for over 45 years and have a wide range for you to purchase from our product brochures.

What is a ceiling rose?

A ceiling rose is typically a circular or elliptical moulding made from plaster reinforced with hessian fibres and timber laths to add strength and rigidity. A central hole is usually created to allow the fixing of a lighting feature to protrude down from the ceiling.

Ceiling rose plaster mouldings transform a plain ceiling with no character and enhance any lighting arrangement adding style to your home. Dimensions of the mouldings can vary and are usually matched to the size of the room it is to be placed in. Chosen designs usually reflect the period of the house or the other decoration present in the room; for example a Victorian style ceiling rose might feature the same Egg and Dart enrichments as the cornice profile used above the walls.

There are many different profiles and features that appear on moulded plaster decorations. The most common relate to those designs used in the past, often featuring vines, flowers, dentil blocks, fluted, ribbed and beaded sections to varying degrees of complexity. This means it is possible to choose between a very simple plain run ceiling centre that looks quite modern, or a highly enriched ornamental design that replicates the extravagance of the Georgian period, for example.

image of plaster ceiling roses

Ask for a quote for plaster Art Deco, Edwardian or Victorian ceiling rose

Plasterite ceiling roses are made to order by our skilled plaster craftsmen. We have a selection on display in our workshop and customers are welcome to contact us to arrange an appointment to view them and receive advice from our friendly and knowledgeable experts. We can also come to you to assess your room and requirements and discuss your redecoration or renovation project if you are based in Kent, Sussex, Surrey or South London.

Before asking for a quotation, it is worth browsing our product brochure and gallery of ceiling rose images as this contains classic and modern ceiling rose designs in a range of sizes, and in plain, oval, floral, leaf and enriched styles. We can price for supply only, or supply and fit, where your chosen product is installed by one of our experts.

Ceiling centre repair and restoration

If you have an existing plaster ceiling centre that is need of repair due to damage or deterioration, we have several options that can be explored. It may be possible to restore your existing ceiling rose by removing the existing paint – our staff are experienced in the process of providing ‘Peel Away’, a method of removing layers of paint and grime from old plaster mouldings to bring back the design detail and allow patch repairs. If this is not an option, it is usually possible to take a ‘squeeze’ of the existing moulding – providing an imprint of the design in order to create a mould and cast an exact replica of your existing ceiling decoration.

Read more about historic plaster restoration.

Alternatively, we can design and create a ceiling rose to your desired style from scratch or use our experience to identify a suitable replacement from our wide range of stock moulds. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.