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Decorative Plaster Ceilings

A high-impact adornment to any space, decorative plaster ceilings can form the focal point of beautifying a room. Whether modern or classical in design, our ceilings are created using fibre-reinforced plaster of paris, offering endless possibilities in shape, detail and lighting.

Plaster ceiling design

If you are looking for a bespoke ornamental plaster ceiling, we can design one for you. Using elements of existing mouldings and decorative ceiling panels, historical influences and your own ideas, we can create your perfect plaster ceiling design. We have included some images of projects completed by Plasterite in the past and these show only a small selection of the many possibilities.

Art Deco ceiling

An Art Deco plaster ceiling typically utilises repeating geometric shapes to create a distinctive pattern across the whole ceiling. The Art Deco style dates to the 1920’s -1930’s and is strong and bold with no fussiness or romance in sight. Plasterite has completed a number of ceilings in this and other period styles. Please contact us for more information.

Adams style ceilings

Robert Adam ceilings are characterised by graceful lines, refined shapes and restrained enrichments inspired by decorations used in Ancient Greece and Rome. An Adams style decorative plaster ceiling is usually complimented by cornice and panel mouldings throughout the rest of the room. We have a selection of these available in our Product Brochures.

Vaulted ceilings

Vaulted ceilings give a room an airy feel and provide a memorable design feature. Many styles of vaulted ceiling are available to reference and Plasterite can advise, manufacture and install to your design brief. For example, a barrel vault ceiling has a continuous arch-like radius running along its length to create a semi-cylindrical appearance. A ceiling with a cross vault, also known as a groin vault, is created by the intersection of two barrel vaults at right angles. If the vault is pointed at the top it is referred to as a rib vault. These and other vaulted ceiling designs can be found in churches and grand buildings dating back hundreds of years.

Domed ceiling

A domed ceiling is a vaulted ceiling detail that is circular in shape. Often found above staircases in grand entrances or as the central feature of a large space, a domed ceiling can be enclosed in decorative plaster, glazed with panes of glass or a combination of both.

Coffered ceiling

A coffered ceiling typically features rectangular or octagonal shaped recesses called coffers, sunken panels that are part of a suspended ceiling design. A coffered ceiling can create the illusion of a more spacious room and have been employed in architecture that dates back to Roman times. Classic ceiling coffers tend to be quite deep in appearance, however if you have a modern home a shallow coffered ceiling can provide an interesting decorative ceiling design which doesn’t reduce the usable ceiling height of a room dramatically.

Plaster ceiling restoration

Should you be in need of help to repair an ornate plaster ceiling that is suffering from fire damage, age related deterioration or moisture ingress, we can help. Plasterite is highly experienced in providing decorative plaster ceiling restoration, working either in-situ or by manufacturing in our workshop before installation. Our team are familiar with the requirements of historic plaster restoration, working on grade-listed properties and meeting the needs of Conservation Officers. We also have the ability to work with lime plaster.

A structural assessment of historic plaster ceilings can be commissioned with us to fully understand the existing ceiling condition. It will provide an expert summary of the integrity of your decorative plaster or suspended fibrous plaster ceiling, providing peace of mind for security, future maintenance plans and budgeting.

image of plaster cornice manufacture

Why us?

Plasterite is a decorative plaster ceiling specialist with decades of experience and skilled craftspeople. We hold an extensive archive of models and plaster moulds, featuring a wide range of enrichments and covering the popular period styles from Georgian to Edwardian and beyond. Using a combination of our extensive knowledge and creative mould making ability we believe we can offer an unrivalled service for creating ornamental plaster ceiling designs.

How we work

After you have contacted us with your enquiry and we have established your location and the size of the ornate plaster ceiling you require, we can arrange a visit to your property for a survey and discussion, or an appointment at our workshop, near Sevenoaks in Kent, to view our plaster ceiling mouldings and discuss your final design. Please call us to discuss your decorative plaster ceiling design.