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Plasterite material samples

We are often asked for Jesmonite material samples by prospective clients looking to specify or decide upon a colour. It can be architects working on a project or an individual unfamiliar with the creative options Jesmonite presents. To meet this demand, our skilled modellers have made a new sample mould that closely mimics the Plasterite logo!

As you can see from the images, to make the model required a piece clay to be formed into the outline of the logo, before the edges were rounded and the ‘Plasterite’ script hand carved. From the model, three master casts were taken, then arranged and boxed to facilitate the pouring of silicone rubber. The rubber mould allows us to cast sever samples at a time.

We will make material samples available to prospective clients upon request, and politely ask you limit selection to one or two samples per project, as the samples still require our time and materials to produce. We will hold a selection of standard Jesmonite AC730 colours, with special requests subject to workload and a fee arrived at on a case-by-case basis.

image of jesmonite white marble sample

Jesmonite colours

Jesmonite is a family of acrylic modified casting materials that suit applications ranging from hobbyists making drinks coasters and plant pots, to large scale architectural decoration such as the cast stone garden portico we manufactured for a London home.

AC730 is one of the most popular lightweight casting materials as it closely replicates the properties of natural stone. It is available in a selection of colours ranging from pale creams through to more striking reds and yellows. Jesmonite is a decorative finish which provides the ability to create architecture otherwise difficult or prohibitively expensive to produce using traditional natural materials like Portland stone, Bath stone and marble.

Jesmonite AC730 cast stone finishes

Jesmonite cast stone mouldings can be used both internally and externally and are ideal for exterior mouldings for property developers.

For more information about the range of external mouldings we offer or to discuss your individual requirements, please contact us.