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Antique plaster picture frame repair

One of our less-well advertised services is antique plaster picture frame repair.

Plaster picture frames can be valuable and delicate. Should they become damaged, either in transit as part of a move, or knocked whilst on display, we can inspect and repair them. It may be that a painting or mirror has been rediscovered after an extended period in storage and left you wondering how to repair old plaster picture frames before being displayed. Read on and allow us to explain…

The abilities and experience of our staff in architectural decorative mouldings are transferable to plaster picture frame repair. Skills in clay and plaster modelling, matching existing mouldings and casting plaster enrichments all lend themselves to restoring plaster moulding picture frames and plaster of paris mirror frames.

The time required to expertly repair a damaged plaster picture frame is significant, and therefore is something generally reserved for valuable paintings or items of significant historical value. We would always request a new enquiry is supported by photographs and dimensions to help us price a repair or restoration, but we can give a general indication over the telephone.

Whilst Plasterite can repair the plaster substrate of a frame, we do not undertake painting, decorating or finishing. This is best handled by an appropriate specialist, identified before any restoration is attempted.

image of antique plaster picture frames in gallery

How to repair old plaster picture frames

To summarise how to repair plaster picture frames we have listed some steps below to help explain the service that we offer.

  • Inspect the damaged area(s) and, if possible, identify the best-preserved sections of identical moulded enrichments that could be copied.
  • If there are no identical enrichments matching the damaged area we would re-model them.
  • Identical enrichments can be prepared and used to create a reverse impression mould.
  • The mould is used to cast new enrichments in plaster of Paris, and these are positioned and modified to rebuild the damaged areas of the picture frame.
  • Once the damaged areas of plaster are fully restored attention can turn to decoration and finishing by another specialist. At this point our work is complete.

Plasterite has a workshop and delivery van, meaning we can provide a collection and delivery service for antique plaster picture frame repair. If you’re located in the southern London boroughs or counties of Kent, Sussex or Surrey we often have someone in the area who could transport your frame safely. Alternatively, you are welcome to visit our workshop and discuss the work in person.

Insurance claim repairs

Sometimes a picture frame may be water damaged, caused by a leak, burst pipe or sprinkler system, or accidentally damaged. Where this is covered by an insurance policy a repair can be claimed and the cost covered subject to any excess fees. In circumstances where a valuable picture frame repair is covered by an insurance policy, please initially seek the advice of your insurers and then advise us accordingly of the claim at the point of enquiry. We are happy to provide a written estimate or assessment for your insurers prior to work commencing.

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