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Jesmonite AC730 cast stone

If you are looking for external and architectural cast stone products, such as columns, porticos, cornice and bullseyes, we can manufacture these using a product called Jesmonite AC730.

Jesmonite AC730 is a rapid setting acrylic modified cementitious composite that is available in a range of colours that replicates the look and feel of natural stone.

Jesmonite - what is it?

Jesmonite is a family of products that are used by modelers and plasterers to cast anything from small craft items such as drinks coasters and plant pots, to large-scale decorative architecture and cladding for construction projects.

Items are manufactured by mixing a gypsum or cementitious base powder with water based acrylic resin. This mixture is poured into a mould and allowed to set. Strength can be added with layers of quadaxial glass, chopped glass strands or PVA fibres during the casting process depending on the shape, size and form of the end product.

The main benefits of cast Jesmonite are that it is strong, lightweight and durable, with good moisture resistance, UV resistance and no efflorescence, meaning it retains its colour and appearance over extended periods of time.

Jesmonite AC730 stone colour selection

Architectural cast stone products

Jesmonite AC730 is the perfect material for manufacturing architectural cast stone products as it can be formed in to virtually any shape and looks and behaves like natural stone. Our process involves either taking an impression from an existing enrichment you are looking to replicate or making a model from scratch in order to create a mould to cast from.

Jesmonite is a decorative finish and not load bearing, which provides the ability to create architecture otherwise difficult or prohibitively expensive using traditional building materials such as natural stone.

For traditional or heritage style mouldings such as pilasters, corbels and cornice AC730 contains a fine aggregate that enables us to accurately replicate the complex detail of classic architecture.

More information about the types of cast stone products we offer is available on the external mouldings page.

Choose your Jesmonite AC730 colour

Jesmonite AC730 is available in a variety of colours that replicate different types of stone. Some examples are shown in the picture below. 

Jesmonite AC730 cast stone finishes

From left to right, Old Terracotta, Yellow Sandstone, Bath Stone, Portland Stone, Natural Stone, Silver Grey Granite, White Marble.

Charcoal Black, Cotswold Honey Stone, Brick Red and Marigold are not shown but also available.

For more information of the range of external mouldings we offer or to discuss your individual requirements, please contact us.